- located in New York City, NY in the U.S.A. *** .


All our hypnotists have cross trained , studied and are fully credentialed with the best instructors in varying modalities
of changework Hypnosis,
so you can be sure they are qualified and have a varied toolbox
to handle even the most difficult presenting issues.

As with most specialties, hypnotists have their various areas in which they are supurb.
Read the bios below.
At our Hypnosis NYC Center, RESULTS and our CLIENTS are priority.
We're here for you, when you need us.

Specialist in:

Performance anxiety, Stress, phobias, depression, alcohol and drug
abuse, fears, mood swings, health and sexuality issues.

John Petrocelli has appeared on tv, radio (WB11, WABC, the Gary Null Radio Show), has been featured in numerous articles appearing in the NY area, The N.Y. Sun, The Downtown Express, and is known for RESULTS,
JP is currently one of the most well-known hypnotists/ hypnotherapists/ trainers in the U.S.

Founder of both Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers, the largest hypnosis 'hands-on' hypnosis
and related modalities study intensive in the world and The Society of Applied Hypnosis, John
and his proteges seemingly miraculous work is responsible for much of the
well-received media exposure hypnosis has received in the last few years.

(As seen on WB11, WABC, Gary Null, the New York Sun Newspaper.

Trainings/Certifications & Affiliations

- The National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotist,
- The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. A.C.H.E. - Clinical Hypnotherapist,
- Certified 5-PATH Hypnotherapist -The Banyan Hypnosis Center - Clinical Hypntherapist
-The NY Hypnosis Institute - (Barry Seedman, Phd) - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
-The Achievment Center - (George Bien, Phd) - Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
- Doug O'Brien & Associates -Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
- Specialized Training - Trucor (Mark Cunningham)
-The Silva Method - Certified Silva2000 Lecturer

John Petrocelli-C.H.

The Hypnosis NYC Center, LLC

President & Founder of the World's Largest Hypnosis Study Intensive - Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

Executive Director & Founder
The Society of Applied Hypnosis

Shauntay Williams - C.H.
Hypnotherapist NYC
Humanistic Approach / ERICKSONIAN

Weight Loss Specialist / Performance Anxiety / Health Issues

Ms. Williams clientelle love her and she brings a vast amount of experience in the session room. Besides being prominent in the acting community, Shauntay spent many years as a social worker working with battered and abused children.

When she applied herself to hypnosis, she went full throtle. She formerly worked for the New York 'franchised-chain' hypnosis clinic - Dynamic Changes where a typical day, she saw 7 to 10 clients a day with a vast amount of issues.

Ms. Williams, studied in both Ericksonian and traditional hypnosis,
now specializes in 5-Path hypnotherapy (primarily weight loss and performance anxiety)
at the Hypnosis Center..

Smoking Cessastion Specialist

"Without a doubt, Michael Hurley is in a class by himself as the 'Stop Smoking'
hypnotist who continually gets results.

In his few years in the hypnosis profession, Michael has seen over 2,000 clients.
That is more than most hypnotists see in a lifetime. Michael is a retired police captain
who also has over 10 years experience manning the Crisis Intervention Hotlines in NJ.
His sessions are very motivational and spiritual.
Training & Certifications


36 years in law enforcement. Retired with the rank of Police Captain. Commanded the Bureau of Patrol Night
Shift last 10 years of career.Volunteer for State of NJ Department of Personnel Crisis Intervention Hot Line.

-Graduated from International Correspondences Schools-Diploma-Fitness & Nutrition
-3rd Degree Brown Belt-Isshin Ryu System Karate Shihan-8th Degree Black Belt Joel Buchultz
-ABH Registered Hypnotherapist.
-Certified 5path & 7 path Hypnotherapist- The Banyan Hypnosis Center Clinical Hypnotherapist
-NY Hypnosis Institute-Barry Seedman Ph.D.- Advanced Clinical Hypnotherspist-Board Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.
-Institute for Advanced Neuro-Research & Education-George Bien Ph.D.-Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
-ABH Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist-Doug O'Brien & Associates
-American Association of Professional Hypnotheraspists-Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer-Theo DePrince Ph.D.
-The Reiki Institute Reiki Master Attunement-Nan Seedman Ph.D.
-Certification Spring Forest Qigong-Chunyi Lin
-Certification EFT-Gary Craig

Michael Anthony Hurley - Phd.
Hypnotist NYC / Hypnotherapist NYC

Angela Cabela- C.H.

Staff Hypnotist NYC/ Hypnotherapist NYC

Specialties:Mental Conditioning
Sports Excellence / Weight Loss


Angela Cabela is a Master Hypnotist and an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and he uses the techniques of the 5 Path approach to hypnotherapy.

Angela Cabela also a noted author of numerous articles on hypnotherapy and NLP that pertain to enhancing performance and reaching one's true potential.

He is a practicing hypnotherapist, sports pro, teacher and coach for more than 25 years.

Recently elected to the Education Committe of the prestigious, Professional Ski Instructors of America, Marc is also the Director of Health Resources for Earthsave L.I. and a core member of that grassroots non profit organization. Marc has developed specific programs aimed at helping you to reach your true potential. Marc brings to the table a variety of skills that he has developed and honed working with professional athletes and he enjoys applying these skills to help you achieve your ideal weight, stop smoking, resolve anxiety, increase your confidence and self esteem, and move you in the direction that most satisfies your needs.

Angela Cabela holds degrees from CUNY and Queens College where he studied Psychology and Social Sciences. He sees clients at the Manhattan office of the NYC Hypnosis Center LLC where he is responsible for helping individuals reach their full potential.

Freda Kreina

Staff NYC Hypnotherapist - NYC HYPNOTIST - M.S.W.; C.H

Specialist A.D.D. / Pain Control / Teenagers

Freda Kreiner specializes in working with people who suffer from chronic pain and has been in practice since 1990. As a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and life coach, she is committed to helping people live richer, fuller lives with less pain and more freedom.

Since all people are unique, Freda carefully tailors her approach to fit each individual, combining classic techniques with the most up-to-date developments in the field. She is certified by the National Board of Hypnotherapists and the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is a member of the National Board of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists. A popular speaker, Freda has presented numerous programs to civic and professional organizations.

Freda earned her masters in Social Work at New York University and is licensed in both New York and New Jersey.

If you would like more information about hypnotherapy, or do arrange a consultation with Mrs. Kreiner, please contact her at or call 212 978-3587. An appointment with Mrs. Kreiner can be made in NYC at 212 964-4450.

Kevin O'Kane - NYC Hypnotherapist / Hypnosis NYC
Specializing in Past Life Therapy

#1 recommended Past Life Regressionist on the

East Coast - The New York A.R.E. Chapter - Edgar Caycel


The Society of Applied Hypnosis

Sam Sherman
Affiliate of The NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC

Ms. Sam Sherman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified 5 PATH Practitioner and 7th Path Instructor. She has been practicing guided imagery, hypnosis and hypnotherapy for 7 years. Her dedication to her work and to the success and happiness of her clients keeps her unparalleled in the field of therapeutic hypnosis. She is continually exploring new ideas and processes which will help her clients achieve the results they desire as quickly and easily as possible.

Her background has always been people oriented with a long history of sales and management in the field of art and design. Her desire to really help others feel good about themselves and to realize their dreams and goals lead her to fulfilling her life goal in the practice of hypnotherapy.

Her Certifications and Memberships include:

Certified by National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified by American Board of Hypnotherapy,Member of Internation Association of Counselors and Therapists,Certified 5 PATH therapist and 7th Path teacher,Graduate of The Institute of Advanced Neuro-Research and Education
Certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

5-PATH Hypnotherapy ,Teaching 7th Path Self-hypnosis, Specialties and Focus of Practice, Depression & anxiety issues, Peak Performance, Phobias, Smoking cessation,Weight management

Hypnosis has been used successfully for many issues such as weight control, smoking cessation, finding inner happiness, getting over fears, recovering past resources, learning to meditate, improving memory, releasing bad habits, improving good habits and many more.

Your success is our foremost concern. I invite you to take the next step and contact us now, we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Boesche

Affiliate of
The NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC

Bill Lukas
Director of the Midtown Annex
of The NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC..

Society of Applied Hypnosis,
Hypnosis NYC Center Director

Hypnosis in NYC and Past Life Therapy